Manage QSOs for Awards


This tutorial explains how Awards can be managed with SWISSLOG. 

It starts with an overview, explains the steps to be performed and gives examples for each task which must be performed.

Proceed as follows to work through the tutorial:

  1. read the overview

  2. read the explanation provided for the functions

  3. perform the function if it is needed for your award

  4. consult the example if you are not sure how to perform a task 

Overview Manage Awards

SWISSLOG provides several functions which can be used to manage QSOs for many purposes. Typically the following functions are used to manage QSOs for awards:

Award Fields

Award information has to be stored in fields of the SWISSLOG Database. There are predefined fields which can contain award information. If there is no predefined field one of the multi purpose fields can be used. 

QSO Groups

With QSO Groups you can group QSOs in any possible way. A QSO Group can be thought of as a list you maintain beside your main logbook with the QSOs needed for a special purpose. For example a list with the QSOs to apply for an award. You can add any QSO you want to the group; and like on a List the same QSO can be a member of many Groups. I suggest that you use a Group for each Award you want to apply for.


A Statistic allows you to get a good overview about the Award status. Therefore I suggest defining a Statistic for each award whenever this is possible. Many statistics are already predefined in SWISSLOG or can be imported with the function 'Import Statistic'.

Information Tables

With Information-Tables you can add additional information to the SWISSLOG database and associate them with SWISSLOG fields. Info-Tables can be used for many purposes. The most common is to add the descriptions for abbreviations used in awards like IOTA,  US-States, US-Counties, DOK or the callsign and name of DIG or TEN-TEN members. 

Report Generator

The Report Generator can be used for several tasks. The most obvious is to prepare the application form; but it can also be used to define queries to select the QSOs which qualify for the award and to create other reports which help to mange the award. For more details please read the special help file which is provided with SWISSLOG.

Logbook Views

Logbook Views are used to display the QSOs and select the QSOs for the award. In Logbook Views you can display 

Pivot Tables

Power users can use pivot tables to select the QSOs for an award. 

Steps to set up an Award Control

This is a list of mandatory and optional tasks which must be performed to set up the control for an award.

You may not need to perform all these steps because for the most popular reports we have already performed them for you.

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