Prepare an Award Application

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In this example we will execute all steps needed to prepare the Application for the 80m DXCC Award. I will use references to QSOs in the log I used to prepare the example. You have to use similar QSOs if you replay the example, because your log does for sure not contain the same QSOs.

I have prepared two guides: the quick-guide for experienced users and a step-by-step guide for beginners. The quick-guide is on this page. The step-by-step guide is divided into several pages: follow the links at the top and bottom of the pages to walk through it or press on the step header on this page to jump to the corresponding details.

The steps explained in the example are:

Quick Guide

Create the QSO Group


  • Select Tools Define QSO-Group from the Main Menu

  • Press the New button

  • Fill in the fields Name and Description

  • press the Save button

  • close the dialog

  • Select the QSOs which qualify for the Award


    SWISSLOG provides you with many options to select the QSOs which qualify. Especially the Logbook View with its many selection and grouping options helps you to perform nearly every task. Here I explain the 'traditional' way to select the QSOs as automatically as possible.

    Select the first QSO per DXCC :

    Add/Delete QSOs manually to/from the Group


    Add from a Logbook View

    Add QSOs with the help of a Statistic View



    Print the Award Application


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