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Credit submitted & Credit granded
15-09-2021, 04:32 PM,
Credit submitted & Credit granded
Anyone using those fields in combination with awards defintion not requiring qsl cards but only confirming qso on web application.

Cannot access this fields in fe logbook all fields. Are they accessable somewhere else . Cannot find them either in the "Entry of QSo window, under QSL info tab or in the register received QSL cards. Any other suggestion!
ONFF coordinator & WWFF member adminstrator
16-09-2021, 10:28 PM,
RE: Credit submitted & Credit granded

The CREDITs fields in the QSL INFO tab are the Credits for LoTW downloaded when synchronising with LoTW. The Credit Granted/submitted are not available in the QSO Entry, but they are available in the "Status Online logbook" and "All fields (slow) queries you will find in the Logbook folder (View / Logbook view (selection). It's only an informative field you could edit for multiple QSOs in a logbook view.

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog

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