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Swisslog competitors - pro vs cons ??
10-06-2013, 06:12 PM,
Swisslog competitors - pro vs cons ??
Any opinions or hint about other logging software you have tried out ?

Personally I have tried VQLOG (shareware), but decided to stay with SWL, maybe because it match better my needs.

- more statistic
- more graphical printout (worked square, worked area, etc)
- more up-to-date functions (CAT, rotor, software, etc...)

- Bad / not intuitive GUI
- GUI / window not configurable
- Lot of mouse clicks

Let say I do work specially 6m and higher band, so maybe I don't need what a HF guru needs !

Ciao, Pietro
03-07-2013, 10:21 PM,
RE: Swisslog competitors - pro vs cons ??
At a cost of $200 for a "lifetime license" VQLOG can hardly be called shareware!

I think I've tried just about every logging program out there. None of them can print a decent QSL card, the way I want to. That alone is reason enough to stick with Swisslog.
19-02-2019, 12:45 PM,
RE: Swisslog competitors - pro vs cons ??
when deciding to finally go for electronic logging I had a look into:

- Swisslog: Finally made it.

- Log4OM: Integrates big amount of functionality, but the whole GUI is not really appealing to me. Looks quite old-fashioned.
- Hamoffice: Seems a very good product, but why should I pay an annual fee, if a SW which I can get for free fulfills all my needs?

23-03-2019, 11:23 PM,
RE: Swisslog competitors - pro vs cons ??

I have used several logs, some comercials and others free.
Till now, for me SwissLog is the best for my needs.
Swisslog is unique!
Only one thing is missing Credits in Awards, but we know that in future we will have.
A big recognition to Jordi for all the efforts to make Swisslog always updated.

73 Manuel Fernando CT1BXX

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