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CW Skimmer and Swisslog
21-12-2020, 11:52 PM,
CW Skimmer and Swisslog
I just started using cw skimmer with swisslog. I set it up according to the help files. My problem is when I click on a callsign it locks up swisslog and swisslog say not responding. CW button is green. Both programs running as administrator. I have another program that uses cw skimmer also and when I click on cw button in swisslog it will now say 2 users. Not sure if that is a problem or not.
22-12-2020, 03:19 PM, (This post was last modified: 22-12-2020, 03:19 PM by EA3GCV.)
RE: CW Skimmer and Swisslog

Yes, I have improved and corrected all the problems with CW Skimmer. Please read this thread about Beta versions:

Read the Beta Info thread to know how to use the latest beta. In the previous link you will find all changes applied in the Beta. With Beta all will work as it should be.

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog
22-12-2020, 09:37 PM,
RE: CW Skimmer and Swisslog
Hi Jordi thank you for the response. I did what you said and now I am running beta version still having problems with Swisslog locking up when I click on the CW icon. My setup is a Flex 6400M running slicemaster and cw skimmer. With both of those programs running as soon as I click the cw button in swisslog it locks up. I am new to cw skimmer and not sure if it can run more then one user at a time.
23-12-2020, 02:31 PM,
RE: CW Skimmer and Swisslog
Ok figuured it out thank you

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