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W6RK Cluster
25-04-2019, 01:25 PM,
W6RK Cluster
hi guys
Does anyone uses or have used W6RK Cluster? 
The cluster is used for U.S.A. County Hunting.
When I connect it within Swisslog I don't get any updated spots and if I run sh/dx it shows older spots.
Does anyone have the same problem or can help me overcoming it?
Thanks in advance and best regards from Azores
73 de CU3AA, Joao
25-04-2019, 03:21 PM,
RE: W6RK Cluster
I contacted Risto (W6RK) and he said that the web spotting and IRC sometimes break.
He rekicked the process and the cluster is working 100%.
73 de CU3AA, Joao

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