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Update QSO's with Data from the Country Table and/or from a Callbook Database
23-05-2017, 11:25 AM,
Update QSO's with Data from the Country Table and/or from a Callbook Database
You can automatically fill in some of the data fields for QSO’s, which are already in your log using the Update QSO’s function. This is accomplished by retrieving information from a Callbook Database (using either a CD or the Internet) and/or from the Country Table. You may find this function particularly useful...
  • if the Callbook DB or Country Table has been updated.

  • if you did not have the Callbook CD available when you originally entered QSO's.

  • if you changed the geographical location for one of your QTH's and you want to update the distance and the azimuth data.

  • if you want to enter data not introduced when you originally entered the QSO such as Name, QTH or even the State, County or IOTA. NOTE: Keep in mind that if you update State or County maybe the current ones are not the same as the ones worked during the QSO.

The Update QSO's with Data from Country-Table and Callbook-CD function is accessed within the Logbook View.
  1. Open a Logbook View by selecting View ¦ Logbook-View (either Last or Selection) from the main menu.

  2. Now select the QSO's you would like to update – the easiest way is to click on the QSO's using the mouse – or use a combination of manual selection and the filtering capabilities in SWISSLOG. For information on manually selecting QSO's, see paragraph 2 in the section above or click here.

     If you need to find and select a large number of QSO's, it may be easier to use one of the many filtering or selection functions within the Logbook View, or a combination of filtering and manual selection. For complete details on the Logbook View functions click here.

  3. Select Functions ¦ Update QSO's with Data from Country-Table and/or Callbook-CD / Internet Databases from the main menu, or right-click in the Logbook View to activate the pop-up menu. The Update QSO's dialog window will appear as shown below:
Quote:[Image: Refresh%20qso%20from%20Callbook%20and%20country.png]
  1. Check the fields you would like to update.

    Note: SWISSLOG only updates fields which are empty unless you check the box next to – Replace existing value.

  2. After you have marked all fields you want to update, click on – Refresh QSO's.

    Depending the the size of the log, the number of changes, and the speed of the computer, the update process can require a considerable amount of time, be patient.
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog

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