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Beta released on 9th July 2024
09-07-2024, 04:13 PM,
Beta released on 9th July 2024
Dear users,

I have released a beta including the following improvements (latest changes highlighted in boldface):
  • NEW: Swisslog can now work in a local network! PLEASE read carefully this chapter.
  • NEW: UDP link to help QO-100 users: when Swisslog receives a Log QSO request from WSJT-X, JTDX or MHSV in 2400.040 MHz (QO-100 Uplink frequency), QSO will be saved with SAT as Prop Mode and satellite name as QO-100 automatically. 
  • NEW: Transceiver control window: added 4 more custom buttons. Now there are 16 buttons available.
  • NEW: Support for SDC Skimmer by Yuri UT4LW Link didn't work if SDC was running in system tray.
  • Corrected: Telnet window: messages were displayed in 2 lines depending the Telnet server
  • Corrected: WSJT-X Band Maps: "No values have been specified for any of the required parameters" error message.
  • Corrected: Realtime Logging: if frequency was equal or higher than 1GHz, frequency was not set properly in ADIF format.
  • Corrected: Swisslog startup with no internet connection: "11001: [11001] Host not found" and " An Error occoured Swisslog will be terminated , Initializing failed" error messages.  
  • Improved: WSJT-X Band Maps: improved performance
  • Improved: transceiver control for TRX Manager: improved performance
  • Improved: QSO Entry > My QTH: Latitude/Longitude fields. Changed precision from 2 to 3 digit for a more accurated QTH Locator calculation. This also applies for these fields in the QTH tab.
  • Changed: Export dialog: the "Export colum headers" option is unchecked by default.
  • Corrected: QSO Entry: no incremental search in mode field.
  • Corrected: Logbook view: deleting a QSO when grouped by a field causes "Index is out of boundaries" continuous error message being necessary to force a Swisslog shutdown with Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  • Corrected: Error message "QTH Name: a value is required for this field" when saving from external programs specially FT8 programs. Now, even if QTh Name field is blank after entering a callsign, Swisslog will assign the proper content to this field when saving the QSO. No more errors regarding this unless user leave it blank manually.
  • Corrected: ADIF Export: If frequency was lower than 10MHz, FREQ field contained a spurious leading space. Thanks Graham G3ZOD!
  • Enhanced: CW Type link: In order to have a fluent operation, no "QSO is not saved" message when callsign is changed manually in the QSO Entry window.
  • Enhanced: Swisslog is now able to retrieve not only WWV info but WCY info from Cluster.
  • Corrected: Band Maps: Logging QSO from Band Maps if a WFF reference was detected it was not copied in the WWFF field in the QSO Entry
  • Corrected: Network operation. Solved "Requested changes on table were not applied properly because they will create duplicate values" when saving QSOs at once in server and client instances.
  • Corrected: Dx Cluster: lots of reconnections and long periods not receiving any data.
  • Corrected: DX Cluster: certain statistics gives no status info such as WAZ, WAC or WPX.
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog

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