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Beta released on 1st February 2024
21-01-2024, 11:44 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-02-2024, 02:03 AM by EA3GCV.)
Beta released on 1st February 2024
Dear users,

I have released a beta including the following improvements (latest changes highlighted in boldface):
  • NEW: Support for CW decoder MRP40 
  • NEW: Support for SPID rotors
  • Corrected: Transceiver Control: FlexRadio TCP CAT not working
  • Corrected: Transceiver Control: low performance or not working smoothly in Yaesu transceivers.
  • Corrected: NDG Update: link to download member list changed as well as data format
  • Corrected: added Gabriele Riva, IU2RON in Help / About / Credits
  • Corrected: Help contents / News of current version didn't work if Italian language was selected. English help will be displayed when current language help is not available.
  • Corrected: delete the Help / Search.. option (obsolete option). 
  • Corrected: Transceiver control for Yaesu new models: if the "Shutdown transceiver at exit" option was checked, transceiver was not switched off most times.
  • Corrected: Logbook view > Manual tab: LoTW/eQSL filters didn't work.
  • Enhanced: Rotor interface window: new look with digital display showing azimuth and elevation (where supported). Now this window can be set as standalone.
  • Enhanced: CW Type / TrueTTY: now the macro panel will be displayed automatically when Cw Type or TrueTTY is started from within Swisslog. It will be hidden when the program is closed.
  • Enhanced: Cw Interfaces: CW Get: the CW button will become green when CW Get is running and linked to Swisslog. It will become red when CW Get is closed
  • Enhanced: CW interface menu: now there is a check besides the current CW program used. Also I have added a splitter to differentiate CW decoder and CW generators
  • Corrected: Transceiver toolbar: if frequency was higher or equal to 1GHZ frequency was not centered vertically. The same applied to modes wider than 4 characters.
  • Corrected: Logbook view: wildcards didn't work in Custom filters
  • Corrected: distance was not calculated in latest beta.

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog

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