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Beta released on 27th September 2023
06-08-2023, 12:25 AM, (This post was last modified: Yesterday, 10:25 AM by EA3GCV.)
Beta released on 27th September 2023
Dear users,

I have released a beta including the following improvements (latest changes highlighted in boldface):

  • NEW: TCI support improved!
    - Added the receiver number in green colour on the right part of the transceiver control window and transceiver toolbar. Click on the receiver number to switch  between both receivers.
    - Clicking on a spot from the SDR Panorama, apart from entering such callsign in the QSO Entry window, Swisslog will also select automatically the receiver from which such spot came from. TCI version 1.5 or higher is required!
    - Support to display Power output in the S-Meter and Transceiver control window
    - Enabled COM Monitor and Command tester tab in the TCI options to monitor TCI traffic and send commands.
  • NEW: DX Messages windows: added a field in the "Selection Criterias" options to set a custom title for the window. This is very useful when using several DX Messages windows helping user to quickly identify the applied filters.
  • NEW: S-Meter: added support for Elecraft K4 and QCX transceivers (Kenwood / Elecraft option)
  • NEW: Power Output: added support for Elecraft K2, K3 and K4.
  • NEW: Export lo to WSJT-X/JTDX: added the US State according the new feature in latest JTDX version (160 rc4).
  • NEW: QSO entry / QSL Info: added a new letter (W) to show which band/mode this station is worked and QSL has not been sent/received.
  • Improved: MixW link: now when linking to MixW the transceiver toolbar and control window will show the CAT frequency from MixW. The frequency in the QSO Entry will still be the real frequency of operation, according the selected mode.
  • Corrected: MixW link: QSOs saved from MixW caused the Propagation mode set to SAT and adding latitude/longitude values into the propagation mode and satelite name list. Users experiencing this must edit the SATMODES.TXT and SATNAMES.TXT with a text editor and delete the lines with numbers and delete the contents of the Propagation mode field and Satellite Name for such entries in a Logbook view.
  • Corrected: if a callsign exists in the QSO Entry window, Swisslog asked twice if user wanted to save changes when closing Swisslog.
  • Corrected: TCI transceiver control (Expert SDR): clicking on a spot callsign from the SDR is entered in the QSO Entry window. To avoid entering something which is not a callsign (such as 599) now only callsigns will be entered, ignoring sequence of numbers and other text which is not a possible callsign.
  • Corrected: Transceiver control for SATPC32: Continuous "Logbook: dataset is not in insert or edit mode" error message when editing a QSO.
  • Corrected: Statistic view (new): band/mode columns are fitted automatically to the best fit according the band/mode title.
  • Corrected: ADIF Import: if frequency field was higher than 1000MHz (i.e. 2400MHz) the frequency in the QSO was set to the minimum frequency defined for the band, ignoring the real value. Example: value to import 2400.095000 was set to 2300.000000
  • Corrected: VarAC logging: "Band input required" error message if saving QSO on 13cm band (2400MHz) or any other frequency higher than 1000MHz.
  • Corrected: now Swisslog closes faster.
  • Corrected: Violation access error replying YES when Swisslog prompts user to resequence QSOs.
  • Corrected: Violation access errors and Swisslog needed to be closed under some scenarios having enabled the option "Enable networking". This function is experimental not documented and still not working.
  • Corrected: Tools > Club Log > Set DXCC from Club Log: if user changed the default windows colors, the Mode section was displayed in the original colour.

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog

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