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LOTW passwords
21-03-2023, 11:07 AM,
LOTW passwords
Hello. I have three different accounts in LOTW, connected to 1. My personal callsigns, 2. My Finnish club where I am qsl manager and 3. My club station in Svalbard, where I am also the qsl manager.

When I do qsl work, I like to do work with qsls with all three instances, but whenever I change the database from one category to one of the others, I allways have to change the username and password for the LOTW account before syncronizing with LOTW, probably because username and password is stored in one of the .ini files. Would it be possible to have those usernames and passwords stored in the database itself? Not a big deal, but with all the handy features of Swisslog, this would surely be a welcome one from my point of view.

Best regards from Tom OH6VDA / LA6VDA / JW6VDA
Happy Swisslog user since 1989.

JW6VDA permanently may 1983 - august 1989 and august 2001 - august 2014.
LA6VDA 1989-2001.

Now OH6VDA since september 2014.

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