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Beta released on 28th March 2023
02-03-2023, 01:00 AM, (This post was last modified: 28-03-2023, 11:34 AM by EA3GCV.)
Beta released on 28th March 2023
Dear users,

I have released a beta including the following improvements (latest changes highlighted in boldface):
  • NEW: TCP API: now supports the GreenCube Terminal by OZ9AAZ to work the IO-117 satellite
  • NEW: Transceiver control window and toolbar: when using more one transceiver, clicking on the transceiver number will display a small list with the transceiver number and the name assigned by the user to select the desired transceiver. Now there is not need to go through all transceivers in sequence! 
  • NEW: Transceiver control window: fully redesigned and implementing the following features:
    - Mouse wheel tuning. Simply move cursor over any digit and move wheel up and down.  You can also type a frequency in Hz then Enter to set (as it was previously).
    - Window can be set as standalone via pop-up menu.
    - A button panel is available through a button with a red arrow to open/close it. This panel offers 12 buttons. User can customize every button with a caption and set a CAT command supported by your radio. Very useful to set filters, other modes, trigger CW or SSB memories saved on your radio, etc. This only works for Kenwood, ICOM, Yaesu transceivers and DX Lab Commander. In order to configure a CAT command to be sent through DX Lab Commader you need to add 000xcvrcommand'ASCIICATComand or 000xcvrcommandHexadecimalCATComand. Kenwood and new Yaesu uses ASCII commands and old Yaesu and ICOM uses Hexadecimal commands. Please read the radio manual to know about the CAT commands supported by your radio. Mouse right click to select the Configuration window.
    - A Digital S-Meter / Power Output is also available. See the S-Meter chapter to know which transceiver options are supported.
  • NEW: S-Meter / Power output: added support for Yaesu FT-817, FT-847, FT-857 and FT-897. Now S-Meter works for all Yaesu except FT-747 and FT-757.
  • NEW: Transceiver options: new tab "COM monitor and Command tester". User can now monitor COM port and also be able to send CAT commands. This tab is only available in Kenwood, ICOM and Yaesu transceivers. Trace option has been deleted.
  • NEW: Satellite users using SatPC32/SatPC32ISS. Added a new transceiver control option for SatPC32. Swisslog will read the SatPC32's Uplink frequency/mode and the selected satellite from SatPC32/SatPC32ISS will be set automatically in the satellite name field of the QSO Entry. The satellite panel will be visible automatically when starting this transceiver option and will be hidden when switching it off. This is a very useful transceiver control option specially for ICOM users where the uplink frequency in satellite mode is not read. 
  • NEW: The DM780 option now also supports QSOs saved from N1MM on UDP Port 12060.
  • NEW: Options > Rotor Interface / Transceiver Control menu: now it displays the transceiver/rotor name assigned by user instead of Transceiver 1-4 or Rotor 1-4
  • NEW: QSO Entry > Comments tab: added a vertical scroll bar to make navigation easier in case you place a lot of text.
  • Corrected: Azimuth window: when not using a rotor interface it didn't show any beaming after entering a callsing in the QSO Entry window.
  • Corrected: Import QSO: if Merge QSO option was enabled and during the same session user perform another(s) importations, the Merge option was always enabled.
  • Corrected: DX window > Selection criteria: selecting all modes was not possible.
  • Corrected: Tools > ClubLog > Set DXCC from CLubLog. An exception raised if the QSO Entry window was not open.
  • Corrected: Update POTA references: some references were wrongly imported raising a "QTH Locator is invalid error message" after entering a POTA reference in the QSO Entry window.
  • Corrected: Callbook databases: QTH locator were not copied into the QTH locator field under certain scenarios.
  • Corrected: Enabling link to DM780, SIMPSK or JT65-HF, menu items were not checked on program launch.
  • Corrected: "Invalid floating point operation" error message on program startup or when clicking a callsign in a logbook view.
  • Corrected: QSO Entry: "Do not set mode from TX" option remained checked after closing WSJT-X or restarting Swisslog even if user didn't check it. This option is checked automatically during WSJT-X link to allow setting the QSO mode from WSJT-X into the QSO. But after closing WSJT-X, disabling the UDP button or Swisslog restart, this option must be restored to the initial user setting and this failed most times. 
          IMPORTANT: The "Save desktop at exit" main option must be checked to save all settings! Otherwise all changes won't be stored for the next session. Keep in mind that this may fail if Swisslog crashes
  • Corrected: ADIF import: SAT_MODE ADIF field was wrongly converted into the Propagation mode when should be skipped (there is no such field in Swisslog).
  • Corrected: improved S-Meter response in Yaesu FT-1000, FT-1000MP, FT-990, FT-920, FT-900 and FT-890.
  • Corrected: HRDLOG realtime edition not working.

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog

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