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Swisslogg. can't be closed
12-01-2023, 11:16 PM,
Swisslogg. can't be closed
updated to newest version. Try to close programm not possible.
Error message:
bei Adresse 00BB7E6A im Modul Swiss/V5.exe Lesen der
Adresse 00000034.

DBfix.sql updated, no sucess to stop pgm. only with task manager possible.

Hny and thanks for help
Lebrecht, DJ4CT
13-01-2023, 12:02 AM,
RE: Swisslogg. can't be closed
Hi Lebrecht,

Have you added exceptions either in your antivirus and firewall? most tend to block or interfere normal functioning. This is VERY IMPORTANT! most of them when there is an upgrade they believe it's a virus which change the EXE file and block it. That's why adding exceptions is very important.

If you still have issues we should arrange a Teamviewer session but this has nothing to do with the new version. Please contact me by mail or better by whatsapp (+34 656409020).

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog
13-01-2023, 10:27 PM,
RE: Swisslogg. can't be closed
Hi Jordi,
thanks, sorry, but no success, can't find any info regarding your proposuals,
i had a long lasting update process regarding W10 in background, but later detected
May be, this could lead to problems,

 in 'system control/programs' for swisslog is no file size indicated, thisi looks like strange

Is it recommended, to install latest version swisslog again over existing?

i have no whatsapp (dont' like that) installed only signal on smartphone
or we can communicate via a second PC with e. g. video link

Best 73

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