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Beta released on 21st September 2022
22-09-2022, 12:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 22-09-2022, 12:45 PM by EA3GCV.)
Beta released on 21st September 2022
Dear users,

I have released a beta including the following improvements (latest changes highlighted in boldface):
  • NEW: Rotor interface: Support for Genius rotor. NOT FULLY TESTED! I will appreaciate if someone having this unit can test it but it should work.
  • NEW: Propagation prediction: now you can set this window as standalone (via pop-up menu).
  • NEW: Statistic Quick-Info: now you can set this window as standalone (via pop-up menu).
  • Corrected: Rotor interface for GS232, EA4TX ARSUSB and EA4TX ARSVCOM: when user set to turn the antenna, beaming reading was wrong for a second, going to a tenth part of the selected beaming direction. i.e: turning to 330 displayed 33 for a second.
  • Corrected: S-Meter window: if set as standalone, this setting was not restored in next startup.  If this window was closed and opened again, the position and size was set to the default value.
  • Corrected: Transceiver control: when switching off transceiver control from the transceiver toolbar the button remained green sometimes. When off, now QRG will display 0 and mode empty instead of showing last QRG/Mode. This will help user to know whether transceiver control is enabled or not, apart from the power button status color.
  • Corrected: Beta from 26th August: Help > About: "Invalid argument to date encode" error and date shown was 27/06/1997
  • Corrected: JTDX TCP link didn't work.
  • Corrected: Random error message: 10049: [10049] Can't assign requested address.
  • Corrected: WSJT-X Band Map: Swisslog locks up if user closes WSJT-X.

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog

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