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CAT Band Change
17-06-2022, 09:03 PM,
CAT Band Change
I have QCX tranceiver and in Swisslog I use the Bandmap th change the Band. Mode is CW but the VFO always jumps into the SSB Band i.e. 14150, 3650, 7100.

Any tip how to get it into the CW band ?

Martin DK3UW
18-06-2022, 12:21 AM,
RE: CAT Band Change
Hello Martin,

When you tune from band map or DX message window, the mode set in the transceiver depends on the selected QRG according the predefined band plan (Edit - Band plan). So if you click on 14150 on band map transceiver will tune this frequency on SSB because 14150 matches with the predefined SSB band plan. If clicking on a QRG which belongs to CW (i.e. 14020)and trx tunes to SSB instead of CW then you have to review the defined band plan in your database. Probably is defined wrongly or corrupted. Send me your database and I will fix it for you.

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog

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