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Error: statistics refuse to give infos
12-05-2019, 09:04 PM,
RE: Error: statistics refuse to give infos
(04-05-2019, 07:39 PM)EA3GCV Wrote: Hello Jordi,

now all is ok!!

Thank You for Your answer, and for what You do for us!

Mny 73s from North Italy!

Beppe - IN3IKF 

Hello Beppe,

Another user had the same problem and was due you will have many QSOs without any MyQTH assigned. You can fix it the following way:

- Go to View / Logbook view (selection)
- From the Logbook folder select Logbook with DXCC, Zones and My QTH.spq
- Click to open the filter of the MY QTH column. You will probably have an entry called EMPTY (that means you have QSOs unassigned to any MyQTH). Select EMPTY to see all QSOs not having any MyQTH assigned
- Now place the mouse cursor over the field MyQTH in any QSO in the grid and select Edit / Change all QSOs
- A list of all MyQTH will pop up, just select the MyQTH you want to assign to the QSOs and press OK to all confirmation messages

That's all! If you use several MyQTH you will have to select the QSOs in the logbook view filtering by date to select only the QSOs belonging to a specific MyQTH then set the proper MyQTH.

Best 73

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