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LOTW Export QSOs error
12-10-2018, 04:53 PM,
RE: LOTW Export QSOs error
(12-10-2018, 03:12 PM)EA3GCV Wrote: Hi Fernando,

I have received an e-mail from Erik with some screenshots of the error. He told me that you have defined the short date format in windows as DD-MMM-YY. This is wrong! you have to define short date with standard format with months in numbers as DD-MM-YYYY or DD-MM-YY. Long date format is defined having months with letters. Please change it otherwise you will have lots of problems! 

You can change the date display format in logbook views or in the Previous QSo/New QSO tab grids by modifying the format.:

- In Previous/New QSO tab in Add QSO: right click in the grid then select Change layout. Select the Date field and set DD-MMM-YY in the Format field to display months with letters
- In any logbook view: you will have to modify the query (you have an option in popup menu and also a button in toolbar), then double click over the QSODate field below in the grid. In the Format field you can select the format you wish. Please read the Swisslog help, Logbook views chapter then Formatting symbols.

Best 73

Hi Jordi!

I changed the date format in Windows config screen and "Eureka" it´s works!

Many Thanks for you and Erik!
Fernando Rodrigues
Niterói - Rio de Janeiro

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