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Newbie Questions
12-12-2023, 12:04 PM,
Newbie Questions

I have been a long time user of Swisslog.dos, but my old PC hardware finally broke.  I have removed the hard drive and the data is still there (over 100k QSOs), but I must now upgrade to Swisslog V 5.107.  I'm afraid I will have many newbie questions.  Let me ask just three for now:

1. In the Dos version I have scores of databases (e.g. each contest separately) which I afterwards mostly included into a "Mainlog" database (my regular qso database) as well.  I started transferring all these databases to V5, but think this is not the way to go.  In V5 I think I should keep everything in a single database, and use groups or events to see specific annual contests, nets, etc.  But how do I do this while importing from my old .dos databases?
  • while importing can I make these QSO's part of an 'event' automatically (i.e. for the 100s of QSOs as a batch)?
  • what happens if an entry is a duplicate?
  • is this the right way to do it?

2. How can I delete a database in V5?  I started importing separate .dos databases by creating a V5 database and then importing the data from the dos version.  As per above, I now think this is wrong and need to get rid of these multiple separate databases.

3. When I click "Open logbook database" under the File tab, I always get a popup saying "Swisslog V5. The file does not exist, OK".  I have to click on it 6 times before it opens the logbook databases window.  I suspect that it is looking for a default file that does not exist.  How can I fix this?

Thank you so much, in advance, for any help.

I also wish to express my gratitude for many years of use of the DOS version.  It was an excellent, fast (without windows) and a simple to use program.  I am also most grateful to those who work so hard to keep Swisslog functioning and current.


John, N6JW

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