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SWL 5.99 e update error - DF4HA - 29-12-2019

First of all, I hope you had a nice xmas and thanks for the new update.


When SWISSLOG is called up, a window appears with:

Fatal error: QSO change window not created


With DX reporting you now have to use 2 hands to set the QRG

("Shift + double click: set QRG and enter QSO", is a step backwards).

DX Station is no longer included in the QSO list.


Thanks for your Service and help!

HNY es 73 de

Armin, DF4HA

RE: SWL 5.99 e update error - EA3GCV - 29-12-2019

Hello Armin,

Are you using the last patch as I posted here?

The Shift+Double click was needed to change to fix the freezing problem when lots of spots are entering in the DX window. Otherwise with a single click over a spot was executed as double click most times which was a real bundle! I'm doing the best I can and often I'm facing some limitations of the own component used in many parts of the program (like the grid component in this case). However, I added a "hidden" option for users (like you) prefering to go back and using the double click but don't mind Swisslog freezes when lots of Dx spots are entering. Simply edit the SwisslV5.ini file with a text editor and add this line in the COMMON section:


Start Swisslog again and now you will be able to use the double click without pressing the Shift key. But you are warned that Swisslog will freeze in a high spot traffic scenario.

Best 73

RE: SWL 5.99 e update error - DF4HA - 05-01-2020

--> Hello Jordi,
has worked so far, but the error display remains at e and f.
Fatal error: QSO change window not created
The call sign is not accepted by double-clicking the call sign, only the frequency is set.
It is entered by hand. I went back to d. The callsigns entered under e are not available in the logbook, but are shown as double and in red.

HNY de Armin, DF4HA

RE: SWL 5.99 e update error - EA3GCV - 05-01-2020

Hello Arnie,

For some reason some DB changes have not not been applied to your database. Perform the following:

- Download this file:
- Extract the file in the Scripts subfolder (located where you have Swislsog installed)
- In Swisslog go to Tools / For experts only / Run SQL script
- Select the FixDB.sql file from the Scripts folder and press OK. A message will appear that the SQL has been exceuted succesfully.
- Restart Swisslog

It should work perfectly now.

Best 73