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Double Click on Spot List - ta2nc - 26-02-2019

Hello OM

When i double click any callsigns over  DX Message Windows (with Cat buttons and freq. ruler on it), Statistics overview window pops up.
And yes, Actions when double Clicking ... set to Tune transceiver and Log Qso.

Is it a normal behavior?

If yes how can i disable this popup?

A second question is, is it possible to disable cw skimmer messages??  Not normal CW spots.. Just skimmers..

RE: Double Click on Spot List - EA3GCV - 26-02-2019


Yes you are right.... a single click over a Dx spot on band maps shows up the Statistic Overview. This interferes when double clicking because Swisslog first detects the "first" click, display the Statistic Overview then run the double clicks actions... I will probably disable this single click action automatically. This way users wanting to know the Statistic overview will have to use the pop up menu by right clicking over the selected spot and selecting the Statistc overview option. I will work on it for version 5.99a. Meantime you can simply minimize the Statistc overview  window the first time it pops up.

If you don't want to display Cw Skimmers messages simply connect to a Telnet not being a Skimmer Telnet. In fact, I don't recommend at all connecting to CW Skimmer servers because you will receive spots continuosly (for the same station and in different frequencies) overloading band map. Worst of all, if you use the Dx message windows, Swisslog will be locked (it's a known issue). As it's internally designed, other Swisslog functions stop while entering spots in the DX message window. I have tried to solve this side effect but then many spots are not entering in Dx message window! That's the reason skimmer Telnets are not recommended at all to be used with Swisslog and I highly suggest to apply a selection criteria in Dx message windows to avoid displaying ALL spots. This only happens if using DX message windows. Band maps are able to handle all spots without any problems.

Best 73

RE: Double Click on Spot List - ta2nc - 26-02-2019

Hello Jordi,
Thank you fast and helpful reply.
Minimizing the stats windows is a walkaround for this problem.
And also removed the reversebeacon host from my connection list. All seems fine now..

Just a little comment..pse accept my two cents.. While tuning the radio + log option.. It is not very practical to click "modifications are not saved" window..
Yes it is a nice precaution not to delete an uncompleted qso but, if the tuning window is my only active window, (not clicking any part of qso window) it is probably not a real log..
It makes it harder to surf between spots. Disabling log is an option yes.. But it keeps away the advantages of checking map, station info etc....

RE: Double Click on Spot List - EA3GCV - 27-02-2019


Well, in fact the Log QSO option is not real logging but "entering into the Add QSO window". Maybe you will take good profit of the Statistic overview window which offers good options.

I know it's difficult to fulfill all user's needs but this behaviour prevents to clear the QSO fields warning user to decide which action he/she wants. A simple workaround: just press Esc before double clicking on another spot! This will do what you want easily ;-)

Best 73