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edit qso problem - F6DKQ - 07-02-2014


Am I alone ? when I double click on a qso in my log window, I sometimes get an unsual window size, long , extending below the bottom of my screen. I can't access the bottom menu, get control on this window to resize it, scroll to the bottom with the slider on the right of the screen...Any idea ???
Not a real problem, because I restore my normal window sizes with OPTIONS/ restore desktop but it's boring...all the more so when I made several selections before in my log

73 de Guy F6DKQ

RE: edit qso problem - EA3GCV - 08-02-2014


Could you please send a screen shot??

Which operating system are you using? Did it happend from the begginning of the Swisslog installation or just appeared now?

Best 73

RE: edit qso problem - F6DKQ - 12-02-2014

Hi Jordi,

Thank you for your answer

1 it appeared from the beginning, as far as I can remember.

2 I'm using windows XP sp3

AS soon as it appears, I will send you a screen shot

73 de Guy F6DKQ

RE: edit qso problem - F6DKQ - 13-02-2014

Hi Jordi,

It just appeared again this morning when editing a qso, here is a screen capture (enclosed in my post, if it works...??? )

73 de Guy

RE: edit qso problem - F6DKQ - 05-03-2014

Hi Jordi

Thank you for your help. So far, so good...everything seems to work nicely.
My edit-qso window is now firmly banked to the upper left corner.

73 ! de Guy F6DKQ