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correct export to new adif-fields - DG7RO - 21-11-2013


I just saw that in an ADIF-export from SWL the fields for using eqsl and lotw are not listed in the ADIFspecification.
SWL uses:
The definition shows:
-> //

Is there a way to change the export or the DB fields to match these standards?


RE: correct export to new adif-fields - EA3GCV - 22-11-2013

Hello Torsten:

I have been looking in the headers are internally defined and not defined by the reports themselves as I thought. So I will take a look at the Swisslog code if I'm able to change the ADIF header... As you know Walter is unable to develop Swisslog anymore and I'm just a beginner programmer so I don't know if I would able to fix it...

Best 73