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RE: swisslog 5.8 - AB4Q - 16-11-2013

Jordi, I installed Swisslog in a computer running Windows 8.1 and it runs quite well. Perhaps other Hams will be interested in this.
Best 73's to yu.
Carlos AB4Q

RE: swisslog 5.8 - DJ2RB - 17-11-2013

Hallo together, here running Swisslog 5.8 also with Win 8.1 very fine.
The new Version LOTW 2.0 works also exactly.
Greetings from Kiel DJ2RB Rolf

RE: swisslog 5.8 - EA3GCV - 17-11-2013

Hello Carlos,

Obviously there were problems in your computer. Maybe you don't need to buy new computers. Simply change your Windows operating system from Windows Server 2003 to XP (I don't know if you really need a server system in your computer).

Swisslog works well under Windows 8 and as Rolf says with LOTW 2.0 as well.

Best 73