Resolve Statistic Field Conflicts


Field conflicts do exist a field is used to store information for more than one statistic. A field can be used for many statistics the only rule is, that it can only contain the value for one statistic. Because not every QSO qualifies for all statistic, fields can be shared as long as a QSO does not qualify for more than one statistic which shares the field.  The check-sql is used the check if a QSO qualifies for a statistic.

Conflicts may exist because of the new concept of predefined statistics. To resolve such conflicts this function is provided. it allows you to assign an other field to a statistic. The existing values are copied to the new field. But

Attention!  The values are copied from the  database of the previous version which was saved when the version 5 was installed. So resolve the conflict before you begin to log QSOs with version 5.

To resolve a Statistic Field Conflict select:

  Tools Resolve Statistic Field Conflicts


The following dialog is displayed

It shows the private and the standard statistics. You can only change the private statistic. all statistics are  displayed as help to find a field which does not conflict, Compare the Check sql to find a field which is 'free'; If you can not find one, use S_Key. This creates a variable statistic.

To change the field of a statistic:

Changing a field may take some time, Please be patient if you have a large database.


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