Defining Report-Modes and Report-Bands

Report modes and report bands are used to group modes and bands for reporting purposes.

Example :

Assume an award that requires that a specific number of station must be worked on one of the traditional HF bands (80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m). It does not matter on which of these bands a station was worked. For this purpose a we can define a Report-Band that reflects this rule. That means that the band will be shown as 'Worked' in the statistics if a Station was Worked on one of the 5 Bands. We will now define the Report-band and call it DIPA-HF (HF bands for diploma A).

Note: If wrong Bands or Modes are included in the Statistics the reason is most probably that there is an error in the Report-Bands or Modes.

We have now defined our first Report-Band. You can use this Report-Band in all Statistic Views.

The process to define Report-Modes is the same; only you will  have to select 'Edit | Add/Edit Bands'. at the beginning.

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