Fields of the QSO-Entry Station Page

Callsign Field

This is the home Callsign of the current QSO-Partner. This may be different from the Call used for the QSO because all extensions are removed.

Name Field

Name of the Callsign (station) owner. This is not necessarily the same person who operates the station (Operator). Please see Operator Field for the difference between Name and Operator.

Home-QTH Field

This is the name of the home QTH of the current Station. This QTH is assigned to each new QSO, it is the 'default' QTH.

SWISSLOG uses the QTH of the first QSO as HomeQTH. You can select any of the entered QTH's for the station as Home-QTH.

QSL-Manager Field

This is the default QSL-Manager. Since a station may have various QSL managers the QSL manager is stored with each QSO. If you have specified a QSL manager here and do not specify another QSL manager for the QSO, this QSL manager is copied into the QSO record.

Comments / Address tabs

Special 1-20 Fields

Fields for general storage of any information. To make reports and statistics use these fields consistently. You may enter club membership numbers such as, Ten-Ten, DIG, etc. See also How to Manage QSO's for and Award

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