K1EL WinKeyer Support

SWISSLOG supports K1EL WinKeyer (all versions). Features Macros, and Buffered Commands 

To Open the K1EL WinKeyer window:

This opens the K1EL WinKeyer window. In the window title you will show the current status (Connected or Disconnected). If connected, the WinKeyer version (WK1, WK2 or WK3) and the firmware revision number will be displayed:

Press the right mouse button to display the pop-up menu. You can set here this window as standalone for dual monitor systems:


Most of the parameters are specific to WinKeyer. Swisslog proposes a sense full set of default values which will be suitable for most users. Please read WinKeyer documentation to get more information about each parameter. There are some parameters specific to Swisslog which are explained below.

NOTE: If you get the error message below means that WinKeyer is not connected correctly or it has no Power.:

SWISSLOG specific settings

Track speed pot changes

If this option is set You can change the CW speed with the WinKeyer-Speed-potentiometer.

Character representation in TX Window

The character representation in the TX window depends on their transmit-status. 

Characters queued for transmission but not sent to WinKey. Note, that SWISSLOG never fills the buffer of WinKeyer. It sends only a few characters to WinKeyer because this makes it easier to correct typos on the fly. To control the number of characters queued in WinKeyer, SWISSLOG needs WinKeyer to echo the characters which have been sent to the radio. Therefore it forces the serial echoback and uses internally a soft-switch to control if You want the echo. 

Character sent to WinKeyer.

You can set the Font and the background color using the corresponding buttons.

Basic operations

NOTE: If you type ''  (Alt+170) Swisslog will send 8 dots (standard 'Error' message).


With macros you can prepare standard text messages. These messages can contain variable fields which are filled with values of the current QSO (the one currently edited in the QSO Edit window). You create Macros using the Macro-Editor.

To open the Macro-Editor press the button or select Macro-Editor  from the pop-up menu

A Macro contains 5 fields:

Macro Name This is the name of the macro which is displayed in the Macro-List in the WinKeyer Window. It has to be unique.
Shortcut Shortcut to insert the macro
Button Label Label displayed on the button. It should be short label. If it is blank, no button is displayed. If all button labels are blank, no button bar is displayed. 
Repeat Number of times the Macro-text should be transmitted 
Macro Text The text to be transmitted including the variables.

Variable Fields

Variable Fields is the list of fields of which the value can be inserted from the currently edited QSO (QSO in the QSO edit Window).

To Insert a Variable Field:

Add a new Macro

To add a new macro press the button or select Add new Macro from the Function menu

Delete  a Macro

To delete a macro 

Edit a Macro

 To Edit a Macro select it and make the desired changes

To Save new / changed Macros press the button

Buffered Commands  

K1EL WinKeyer supports Buffered Commands. These commands go into the input buffer maintaining their positional relationship to data. SWISSLOG allows you to enter buffered commands in the input stream.

Syntax :  [Pnn]

Bufferer Commands are enclosed in []. The Command consists of the Command-Letter plus two parameter values nn (when available)


Command Name Values Description
P PTT on none Turn PTT on. 
N PTT off none Turn PTT off. 
S Speed Change nn. The current speed will be changed to wpm defined in nn.  For example [S25] will change the speed to 25 wpm
X Speed Change off none Restore the original speed ( the one which was in effect before the a Speed Change command was executed)
M Merge Letters cc Merge Two Letters cc  into a Prosign together.  For example [MAR]  is sent as AR.
K Key 0-99 Sec Assert the key output for nn seconds. For example [K05] wiil assert the key for 5 seconds
W Wait 0-99 Sec Insert a fixed pause of nn seconds into a message
H HSCW lpm*100 Set High speed CW rate. For example [H20] selects 2000 lpm and [H35] selects 3500 lpm. Use Speed Change off restore the original speed.
L Log QSO none Log current QSO if there is a callsign entered in Add QSO (Swisslog extension)

IMPORTANT: The above commands (except the L command which is a Swisslog extension) only work in genuine K1EL Winkeyers. Unexpected results can be obtained from clones (such as the G4ZLP Winkeyer).

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