DX-Telnet Support

DX-Telnet is a great Telnet program written by Fabrizio IK4VYX. This program was made especially for use on the internet DX Clusters.

Note: you can also connect to DX-Telnet using SWISSLOG's Telnet Support.

You can download DX-Telnet from http://www.qsl.net/wd4ngb/telnet.htm.

Connect DX-Telnet to SWISSLOG

DX-Telnet can be started as DX-Plorer, DX-Telnet and DX-TNC. For each type a separate configuration file exists; therefore the following steps must be executed for each type..

Note: under Windows NT, 2000 and XP the utility DDEdupe  is needed to connect to SWISSLOG. It is contained in the DX-Telnet package and must run in  parallel With DX-Telnet.

From now on DX-Telnet spots should appear in SWISSLOG's DX-Messages window. 

Start DX-Telnet for SWISSLOG once it is configured correctly

If DX-Telnet, DDEdupe and SWISSLOG are configured correctly (DX-Spots where received successfully) then the following steps must be performed to start DX-Telnet for SWISSLOG:

If you have a problem please contact IK4VYX - Fabrizio Sartoni (click to send Email)

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